Anamika Singh

Bio: "It is simple ~ I find it difficult to think beyond 'Tea' .. if i feel like painting, i think of using Tea liquor, if i feel like writing, it normally happens after i have bitten into a 'White' or an 'Oolong' or some form of Tea. If i feel like cooking, I wonder how i could infuse the two. Photography stays close to me. With nature is where i breathe the easiest and if Solitude walks in with a cup of Tea, i know i would be writing poetry. Walks in the estate help me to visualise my blends and makes all my senses come alive. Simplicity is my key, Passion is what makes me, Gratitude is what keeps me in my senses." ___________________________ A Tea drinker by birth and a Tea-Taster by profession, Anamika Singh has introduced new infusions with a mix of natural flowers and herbs to the Indian market. Having launched her own brand « Anandini Himalaya Tea » she conducts Tea tasting ceremonies, conferences & events in Delhi. Her real love is Tea. ‘Identifying, understand and tasting tea we celebrate the very event of sipping tea !' She brings on the table knowledge and passion in a delicious Infusion. Anamika Singh has spent over eighteen years in the tea industry. Starting in Darjeeling as an apprentice under her father, Mr.Abhai Singh (a world renowned tea specialist), she now invests a greater part of the year in the family owned tea gardens in Himachal Pradesh. Research & development in her workshop helps bring out the finest nuances of tea manufacturing and blending. Anamika’s expertise extends to food pairing as part of the sensorial journey to culinary ecstasy. « Navigating between Dharamsala and Gurgaon has allowed me to keep in touch with my traditional ‘purist’ roots as well as the rapidly evolving international market of demanding expats and the Indian tea ‘connoisseurs’ and it has helped me be part of this taste revolution.

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